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Hummingbird Gr.2

Second graders drew detailed hummingbirds with Sharpies.  They added a variety of flowers which they colored with crayons.  Borders were added with Sharpies and crayons.  Liquid watercolors completed the sky and borders.


Dragonfly in the Garden

First graders carefully observed the parts of a dragonfly as we drew it together step by step.  Large, medium and small flowers were added to create a garden.  A thick application of crayon resisted the watercolor sky.

Mallard Ducks

First graders watched Reading Rainbow’s Run Away Duck before drawing these adorable mallards in crayon.  Crayons were used to draw cattails, then a wash of blue watercolor was painted over all.  When dry, horizontal wavy lines were brushed on to suggest water.

Northern Lights

First graders painted wet on wet skies to suggest Northern Lights.  Cut paper snowbanks, buildings and trees were added, as well as a few foam snowflakes.  Snowy glitter provided the finishing touch.

I saw this lesson on numerous blogs and had to try it!

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers inspired this sunny composition.  Overlapping sunflowers were drawn in a variety of sizes.  A thick layer of blended craypas filled each flower.  Complimentary blue-violet watercolor was used in the background.

Grant Wood Farms

Grant Wood’s farms inspired this craypas resist landscape.  Craypas were used to create  patterns suggesting crops.  Liquid watercolors were mixed to achieve a variety of greens to paint over the patterns.  Farm buildings, ponds, and a vibrant sky complete the composition.