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Navajo Silver and Turquoise Jewelry










Navajo silver and turquoise jewelry inspired these first grade necklaces.  We looked at Navajo jewelry to determine the lines and shapes arranged in a radial design.  The pendants were formed by rolling a ball of clay and flattening it into a plump “slider.”  The slider was rolled like a wheel to smooth the sides.   The hole was punched with a straw.  Designs were pressed in using toothpicks, sticks, and paper clips.  When dry, the piece was painted with black acrylic paint.  Silver acrylic paint was dabbed onto the top.  A pattern of silver and turquoise pony beads finished the necklace.



William the Hippo

First graders were introduced to the art of ancient Egypt.  They learned about pyramids and mummies.  They learned that William, the cute blue hippo found in a tomb, was actually feared by ancient Egyptians.  Hippos would hide in the Nile, then flip unsuspecting boats that came near.  They also came on shore and trampled precious crops.  William was found with his legs broken to prevent him from doing harm in the afterlife. Students drew a hippo by combining large, simple shapes for the body, head, and legs.  They drew on the back.  As they cut, they remembered to STOP when a line bumped into another line so no parts were cut off.  They drew the details with a Sharpie on the clean side. A cut paper border of Egyptian colors was inspired by Egyptian artwork.