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Textured Clay Fish Grade 4

Fourth graders practiced drawing fish and fish parts before creating a template for their clay piece.  They rolled out a slab of clay, placed their template on top, then used a fettling knife to trim away excess clay.  Students were instructed to use tools and found objects to press in contrasting textures.  The fired fish were painted using a limited palette of metallic acrylic paints.








Clay Castles Grade 4

Castles are a favorite subject of fourth graders.  Add clay and metallic paints, and you have a project sure to be a success for all.  This castle was planned on graph paper, then outlined on a slab of clay.  Found objects were used to impress a variety of textures.  Arches, windows and doors were added from scraps.  The striking finish was done in two steps.  First, the entire castle was carefully painted with black acrylics.  When dry, metallic paint was dabbed on with a piece of sponge.  The flags are held in place with painted toothpicks.