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Kindergarten Monsters

Kindergarteners loved designing these wild monsters!  Painting a smooth, even coat of paint was a challenge they mastered.  Selecting just the right eyes, nose and hair was fun for all.  Students expressed their creativity while learning basic painting skills.


Gingerbread Houses

Kindergarten students turned into pastry chefs for this holiday project.  Paper gingerbread was iced with thick white tempera.  Shingles, doors and windows were outlined with the tempera “frosting.”  Dot daubers were used to add festive candies.

Under the Sea with K/1

After designing new beach towels, my youngest artists were eager to create an underwater scene.  They drew with Crayola markers on 9″ x 24″ paper.  We started with a flowing line of sand at the bottom, then added a long, flowing line for the water.  I demonstrated how to draw

seaweed and a crab.  Students referred to drawing books for pictures of jellyfish, turtles, shells, fish, etc.  Students were asked to fill the space with a variety of objects,  add interesting details, and use their best lines.  This idea came from another wonderful blog.  Please let me know if you are the author.