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Henna Hands

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Fourth graders created these scratch art hands as part of a unit on the art of India.  They looked at images of henna hands and henna designs for inspiration.  This was their first experience using a wooden stylus to etch through scratch art paper.  They took great care with the new process.  Objectives included etching precise lines, balancing light and dark areas, and filling the space.  They cut a freehand border after using a glue stick to attach the hand to colored paper.  Next time I will allow students to lightly pencil in a border before cutting.


Tooled Metal Ornaments

Tooled Ornaments

Fourth graders stacked shapes to draw an old fashioned ornament.  They folded their sketch in half and then cut a symmetrical pattern.  The large shapes were broken into smaller shapes.  They taped their patterns to tooling foil.  Working on the soft surface of their sketchbooks, students traced over their lines with a stylus.  The ornament was then cut out.  To emboss, students outlined a shape on the front, gently used the stylus to “color” inside the shape on the back, then outlined the front again.  Students used 2 or 3 Sharpies to add color.

Snowy Forest Grade 4

White craypas were used to draw a cluster of pine trees on a snowbank.  White chalk was applied heavily to the edges of a tagboard oval.  The oval was placed over the trees, then a tissue was used to smudge the chalk from the center out.  A dusting of tempera snow was spattered on with a toothbrush rubbed against a screen.

Moths in Moonlight: 4th Grade Photograms

These  nighttime landscapes were part of a lesson on photograms and drawing.  Fourth graders worked from photos to draw detailed moths.  They used  Sharpies to trace their best drawing onto a transparency.  The transparency was arranged with weeds, ferns and grasses to create a landscape.  Stars were dots and dabs of Sharpie, and the moon was made from cut paper.  Students placed their compositions in the sun for 5 minutes, then submerged them in water.

Mexican Coco Suns


Mexican coco suns inspired these 4th grade sculptures.  The suns were constructed by combining  paper bowls with trimmed pizza rounds.   Color was added by adhering bits of brightly colored tissue paper with Mod Podge.  Permanent markers and paint pens were used for details.






Miniature Monet Landscapes

Fourth graders painted these amazing landscapes with a limited palette of magenta, turquoise, white, and yellow acrylics.  A touch of phthalo green was allowed.  The tiny canvases, easels, and brushes inspired their best effort!

Animal Eyes

Careful observation was the focus of these drawings.  Fourth graders selected an animal eye to enlarge on black paper.  They worked from the center of the eye out, lightly outlining the main shapes.  Construction paper crayons were blended and layered following the direction of the patterns and textures on the animal.