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Third Grade Selfies

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Third graders spent several days drawing these amazing self portraits. Students looked in mirrors to study their features.  They practiced drawing each feature.  Students then drew a modified oval on copy paper.  They then marked the paper to place features in the correct position.  Students cut out their practice ovals and traced onto a variety of people colored construction paper.  They drew the features in Sharpie and added color with crayon.


Snow Play Grade 2

A winter wonderland of new snow inspired these playful drawings.  Students first brainstormed ideas for fun in the snow.  They started with a crayoned bank of freshly fallen snow.  Students then took turns posing for gesture drawings.  The figures were filled out to include warm winter clothing:  snowpants,  jackets, boots, hats, scarves and gloves

Dragonfly in the Garden

First graders carefully observed the parts of a dragonfly as we drew it together step by step.  Large, medium and small flowers were added to create a garden.  A thick application of crayon resisted the watercolor sky.


This second grade project began with a lesson on  painting trees.  During the next class, bark textures were crayoned onto the trunk.  Leaves and grass were added with markers.  Students had time to begin their cut paper tree houses.  Treehouses were finished and background details were added during the third class.  The final touch was a ladder made from short craft sticks.

Sandpaper Butterfly

This stunning butterfly is an example of a third grade lesson on symmetry.  Students viewed a colorful array of butterfly photos for inspiration.  After cutting a wing and tracing it twice onto sandpaper, students applied a heavy layer of crayon.  The butterflies were ironed onto white paper, melting the crayon onto the sandpaper.