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Moths in Moonlight: 4th Grade Photograms

These  nighttime landscapes were part of a lesson on photograms and drawing.  Fourth graders worked from photos to draw detailed moths.  They used  Sharpies to trace their best drawing onto a transparency.  The transparency was arranged with weeds, ferns and grasses to create a landscape.  Stars were dots and dabs of Sharpie, and the moon was made from cut paper.  Students placed their compositions in the sun for 5 minutes, then submerged them in water.


Snowy Trees

Second and third graders created these wonderful winter sculptures in 2 classes.  The tree was formed from a paper lunch bag.  Five parallel slits were cut from the opening of the bag to its midpoint.  The bag was carefully opened.  The trunk was formed by twisting the bag from the bottom up to the slits.  Several strips were held together and twisted to form each branch.  After gluing the tree to a base, fluffy fiberfil was used for snow.

Students created the animals from small bits of Model Magic.  I demonstrated how to model a simple animal and bird and provided photos of skunks, dogs, bunnies, etc.   Each table had an egg carton with bits of colored Model Magic.  Students were encouraged to add interesting details to their animals.  A bottle cap of tacky glue was provided,  along with toothpicks for scooping up tiny dabs of glue.

Sprinkling snow glitter on the snow, or dabbing glitter glaze on the branches, adds a sparkling touch if time allows.