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Circle Weaving Grade 3

Third grade students learned the history of Navajo weaving before creating these beautiful pieces.  The weavings were done on a loom of 2 paper plates that were glued together for strength.   Color choices were limited to 3:  the color of the plate, and 2 additional colors.  Yarn, feathers and beads repeated these colors for unity.


Comments on: "Circle Weaving Grade 3" (3)

  1. Shelley whitman said:

    love the look of the weaving—but can you describe (or show) the process….not clear if the paper plates were cut first or?

    • We used colored paper plates from the dollar store. They were very flimsy, so we glued 2 plates together. When dry, students cut an uneven number of notches around the plate. I provided templates: sturdy chinette plates with evenly spaced notches cut around the rim. They poked a hole in the center of the colored plate loom for the warp.

  2. Oh thank you for posting the details! It was the hole in the middle I didnt know about. Thanks!!

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