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Archive for June, 2012

Pointillism Butterflies Gr. 2

Second graders learned about the life and work of George Seurat.  They drew butterfly wings on 12″ x 18″ paper, then traced them to create symmetrical butterflies.  Dots of color were added with tempera dabbers and dotters.


Native American Charm Bags Gr. 2

Beaded and quilled Native American charm bags inspired these felt pouches.  A 9″ x 12″ felt piece was cut in two for the front and back pieces.  Students planned a symmetrical arrangement of rectangles, triangles, squares and diamonds.  Felt strips in different widths were easily snipped to form rectangles, triangles, squares and diamonds.  Three colors were used for beads, yarn and felt decorations.

Model Magic Frogs Gr. 1

These adorable frogs were made by mixing yellow Model Magic with a touch of blue.  Different sized balls were attached to form the feet and legs.  A bit of white was rolled for eyes, and a poke from a Sharpie created the pupils.

Circle Weaving Grade 3

Third grade students learned the history of Navajo weaving before creating these beautiful pieces.  The weavings were done on a loom of 2 paper plates that were glued together for strength.   Color choices were limited to 3:  the color of the plate, and 2 additional colors.  Yarn, feathers and beads repeated these colors for unity.

Textured Clay Fish Grade 4

Fourth graders practiced drawing fish and fish parts before creating a template for their clay piece.  They rolled out a slab of clay, placed their template on top, then used a fettling knife to trim away excess clay.  Students were instructed to use tools and found objects to press in contrasting textures.  The fired fish were painted using a limited palette of metallic acrylic paints.