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Archive for March, 2010

Eric Carle Sun

Second and third graders explored Eric Carle books to discover his vibrant collages.  They spent a class applying bright tempera paint onto paper using brushes, sponges, small carpet pieces, scrubbies, etc.  A horizon line was cut across a green paper to form land.  Sun and stars were cut from oranges and yellows.  The pieces were carefully glued onto a blue sky.


Tooled Aluminum Heart

Contrasting texture was the focus of this lesson.  Students drew a simple heart in a framed square.  Textures were created with a pointed stick.  Colored permanent markers highlight the designs.

Yummy Cupcakes

This yummy cupcake was done in  tempera paints.  Second graders painted cupcakes, then swirled tinted frosting on top.  Sprinkles, candies and fruits add a pop of color.  The borders repeat two of the cupcake colors.

Sandpaper Butterfly

This stunning butterfly is an example of a third grade lesson on symmetry.  Students viewed a colorful array of butterfly photos for inspiration.  After cutting a wing and tracing it twice onto sandpaper, students applied a heavy layer of crayon.  The butterflies were ironed onto white paper, melting the crayon onto the sandpaper.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers inspired this sunny composition.  Overlapping sunflowers were drawn in a variety of sizes.  A thick layer of blended craypas filled each flower.  Complimentary blue-violet watercolor was used in the background.

Clay Castles Grade 4

Castles are a favorite subject of fourth graders.  Add clay and metallic paints, and you have a project sure to be a success for all.  This castle was planned on graph paper, then outlined on a slab of clay.  Found objects were used to impress a variety of textures.  Arches, windows and doors were added from scraps.  The striking finish was done in two steps.  First, the entire castle was carefully painted with black acrylics.  When dry, metallic paint was dabbed on with a piece of sponge.  The flags are held in place with painted toothpicks.

Grant Wood Farms

Grant Wood’s farms inspired this craypas resist landscape.  Craypas were used to create  patterns suggesting crops.  Liquid watercolors were mixed to achieve a variety of greens to paint over the patterns.  Farm buildings, ponds, and a vibrant sky complete the composition.